[Rakuten Insight Surveys] Announcement about Privacy Policy Update


Dear Member,

Thank you for your continuing participation and feedback on our surveys.

In order to improve our services, we would like to let you know about changes we are making to our Privacy Policy that will go into effect on September 17th.

Please check the following for our new policies;

Privacy Policy [Update] * The following paragraph wil be added under "Acquisition of Personal Information and its Use". 5. Rakuten Insight may provide registered attribute information to partner companies (Partners) that have concluded contracts regarding the provision for the purpose of screening and sending appropriate surveys. The information provided will not include your name, your email address or other information which may directly identify you as an individual, nor would the information be matched with any other information on the Partner's database.

- We do not provide any information to partners that may personally identify you as an individual such as your name, email address or regidential address.

- Information provoided to partners will only be used for sending you appropriate surveys.

If you have any feedback or any inquiries regarding this announcement, please contact us at


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