[Announcement] Rakuten Insight Surveys - FAQ and UI Update



Dear members,

We're pleased to announce that we have updated our FAQ page!  

You can now get answers to even more frequently asked questions without having to submit an inquiry or wait for a reply.

You may of course always continue to reach out to us with an inquiry (https://in.m.aipsurveys.com/inquiry) if you can't find the answer you're looking for.


And one more small update:

*App users, please note that this only applies to the Rakuten Insight Surveys website for now

It's now even easier to check the estimated delivery date for your reward items.

1. Log in to view your "My page"

2. Click the green "Redeem Epoints" button

3. Click the blue "Estimated Delivery Date" button


You may also always check our news (https://in.m.aipsurveys.com/news) to find out whether the month's rewards have been shipped yet before sending an inquiry.

We hope that these updates improve your experience taking surveys and earning rewards with us.


Thank you for your continued participation.

Rakuten Insight Online Surveys Team Support