Rakuten Insight Global, Inc (hereinafter called "Rakuten Insight") contributes to society by providing companies and organizations statistically processed information of consumer awareness and circumstances regarding services and products, gathered through market research and online marketing.
In conducting the above business, with respect to the protection of personal information that is the information source, Rakuten Insight complies with, amongst others, laws concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines provided by the relevant government agencies and the "ICC/ESOMAR Code" that is the code of conduct for the marketing research industry.
As well as gathering and using personal information appropriately, and paying adequate attention to and taking appropriate measures for the safety, custody and management of the information given by the principle person, Rakuten Insight hereby declares to both those inside and outside of the company that we stipulate, practice and maintain this "Privacy Policy."

Marketing Research

  1. Rakuten Insight's Marketing Research Division is engaged in the business of conducting marketing research, and aims to research consumer awareness and circumstances regarding products and services, to acquire such information, and to provide companies and other organizations with such information upon processing it statistically. The personal information acquired by Rakuten Insight for the purpose of conducting this business will be summarized as aggregate statistical information, and will not be used in a manner enabling personal identification of an individual.
  2. In order to specify a target to participate in our marketing research survey, Rakuten Insight may acquire a participant's name, address, etc. in advance. The information is acquired through various information sources, such as registering themselves as a member of our webpage created for market research surveys, or receiving provision from the consignor of a marketing research business (client). This information is treated appropriately and legally.
  3. Rakuten Insight may broadly recruit people to cooperate in our marketing research, and may register the applicants (hereinafter called the “Panel") as respondents; however, prior to the application, we notify them of the purpose of using their personal information acquired through the relevant recruitment, in accordance with various regulations, privacy policy, etc. publicized on our website.
  4. Rakuten Insight may conduct a survey without specifying a respondent (Target of Survey) whom we request to cooperate in our marketing research, and may acquire personal information such as name, address at that time. In that case, we will notify the respondent of the purpose of use, in writing or orally, beforehand.
  5. Rakuten Insight may provide registered attribute information to partner companies (Partners) that have concluded contracts regarding the provision for the purpose of screening and sending appropriate surveys. The information provided will not include your name, your email address or other information which may directly identify you as an individual, nor would the information be matched with any other information on the Partner's database.


  1. When in the receivership of personal information when hiring new employees, Rakuten Insight considers it our social responsibility to guard the safety of said information, and will respect the privacy of the applicant and preserve its integrity.
  2. Personal information of applicants to Rakuten Insight, including name, address, phone number, e-mail address, that is registered when conducting recruitment activities will be preserved in our database, and will be given strict oversight and maintenance.
  3. Apart from the above, personal information (information that can identify an individual, such as name, date of birth) or information that is connected to an individual such as e-mail address, User ID, password, or collective information regarding an individual's attributes such as hobbies, family structure, age, etc, will be handled in accordance with the law and strictly enforced.
In order to securely manage and operate the acquired personal information, Rakuten Insight takes reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent risks such as illegal access to personal information from loss, damage, destruction, alteration, leakage, illegal flow, etc. We will attempt to improve and revise these security measures periodically.
In addition to the above, Rakuten Insight has established a Personal Information Protection Manager to appropriately manage personal information, has developed company regulations for safety management, and periodically conducts employee training regarding the protection of personal information.
The personal information ("hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") that we hold is as follows:
  1. Personal information on our clients
  2. Personal information on our survey members
  3. Personal information on our current and retired employees
Rakuten Insight responds to requests for disclosure, changes (correction, addition or deletion of contents), and suspension of use (suspension of use, erasing and suspension of provision to third parties [hereinafter called the "Disclosures"]) from the principal person of the personal information, or his / her representative, unless the disclosures may be prejudicial to the rights and interests, including the life, body, property, etc. of the principal individual or a third party, or may significantly impede our business, and violate laws and ordinances.

  1. Items which are subject to request of disclosure
    • Name, address, age, date of birth, e-mail address, and other attribute information
    • Personal information (including job applications) registered by self through our website
    • Personal information related to responses to a survey questionnaire

  2. Contact person for request of disclosure
    • Rakuten Insight will respond to the request for disclosure, changes, and suspension of use through each Panel Member's My Page.
    • In any other cases, please use the contact information below. Notification of the documents to be submitted will be provided at the time of the relevant request.
      Personal Information Protection Manager, Rakuten Insight Global, Inc
      Rakuten Crimson House,
      1-14-1 Tamagawa,
      Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094
      TEL : +81-50-5581-1710
Rakuten Insight will appropriately manage acquired personal information, and will not provide such information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from the individual, except in the following circumstances:
  1. Subject to the law.
  2. Necessary to prevent potential threats to the physical safety of any person or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  3. Especially necessary to improve public health and to promote healthy fosterage of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
  4. Necessary to cooperate in the work set forth in the laws performed by the governmental institutions, local governments or their trustees, and the performance of the relevant work may be impeded by obtaining the consent of the person.
In order to fully implement our Privacy Policy, Rakuten Insight has created a management system for the protection of personal information including regulations; however, we will continue to review and improve the management system through the education of all employees and regular audits of operation status, so as to enhance its effectiveness.
For any inquiries or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy or privacy practices, please use the contact information below. Rakuten Insight will expeditiously respond to all reasonable requests for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, changes (correction, addition or deletion of contents), and suspension of use (suspension of use, erasing and suspension of provision to third parties) from the principal person of the personal information, or his / her representative.
Personal Information Protection Manager, Rakuten Insight Global, Inc
Rakuten Crimson House,
1-14-1 Tamagawa,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094
TEL : +81-50-5581-1710
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